What size of bracelet should I choose?

Measure your wrist by wrapping a string around your wrist, mark it and then measure the distance. Don’t forget to take into consideration your wrist bone when measuring. Add 1” to your actual wrist size to allow for the diameter of the Paracord and some room for comfort. If you are in between sizes, pick the larger size. If your bracelet is too large when you receive it, it can be shrunk down by approximately ¼”. To do this, get it completely soaked and let it dry out a couple of times.


Now you can choose a specific size for your new bracelet. To make a bracelet well kept on hand, choose the smaller size. To have a more comfort, choose the larger size.

Ex.: Your wrist circumference is 18cm. You will find two sizes for this value in the table below and then you need to choose how much the bracelet should be tight. For more comfort bracelet select size M. For more tight bracelet select size S.


In general, "L" size fits most men and "S" most women. If you are not sure which size will fit take bigger one. In case you choose wrong size of the bracelet, send us an email and we´ll solve the problem to your full satisfaction as soon as possible.

Note - Due to moisture / water / sweat, the bracelet can shrink by 0.5 - 1cm