Cordell paracord walking dog leash - 100cm


Practical hand-made dog leash ideal for everyday use, sport cynology or adventure in nature. Thanks to the specific properties of paracord itself and stainless steel carbiner, it is also suitable for strong dog breeds and their training. Stylish Cordell Dog Zone dog collars and leashes are hand-made from a quality parachute cord in the Czech Republic.

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  • Weaved from six strands of cord
  • Dog collar available in the same colours
  • Metal parts made from stainless steel
  • Suitable for strong dog breeds
  • Paracord meets US Department of Defense demands
  • We can provide custom colors, collar included


  • Width: 1,3cm/0,5in
  • Length: 100cm/39in


  • Leash: paracord
  • Carabiner: stainless steel

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