Cordell Buddha paracord bracelet


A hand-made lava stone bracelet is very popular and comfortable for everyday activities. The Buddha symbol, which then decorates the whole bracelet, is a sign of wisdom, happiness, balance and well-being. The Buddha bracelet will provide you with a positive energy all day long.

The bracelets are supplied in a gift bag.

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A bracelet weaved in two sizes is made out of lava stones and metal Buddha heads.

Buddha's head is a traditional spiritual symbol of peace, tranquility, bliss, wisdom, happiness, equanimity, enlightenment, and positive energy. Helps the wearer to be balanced and reconciled with everything around him or her. It also presents a positive attitude of the wearer, fearlessness and kindness.

Lava stone perfectly produces negative energy and acts as an excellent cleaner. It absorbs negative energy and, on the other hand, delivers strong energy to its owner. It encourages and adds strength. They are used as protective amulets. Lava stones are a symbol of life balance, purposefulness and help in cleaning the body or fighting obesity.

Size: S/M and L/XL

Materials: Lava Stone, Zync alloy, Paracord

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