Cordell Howlit bracelet


Howlit White crystals helps you find the truth in yourself, while bringing harmony, peace and stimulating new ideas. It creates an emotional balance that allows the dissolution of all mental blockages. It encourages passion, deep emotions and love. It is suitable for relaxing, adding positive energy, improving mood and for getting pleasure and everyday little things.

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The universal size bracelet is made of white Howlite crystals.

The bracelet is beneficial for managers, but also in everyday life, as they learn to listen to others. It brings peace, relaxation and deep meditation. It increases resistance to stress and to the problems of others. Moderate irritability, nervousness, negative feelings and, above all, help to develop infinite imagination.

Lava stone perfectly produces negative energy and acts as an excellent cleaner. It absorbs negative energy and, on the other hand, delivers strong energy to its owner. It encourages and adds strength. They are used as protective amulets. Lava stones are a symbol of life balance, purposefulness and help in cleaning the body or fighting obesity.

Size: Uni
Diameter: 6mm
Material: Howlit crystals

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