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copy of Paracord 50m spool - carrot orange

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High quality parachute cord made in the Czech Republic. Reliable cord with a lot of practical use is 4mm thick and has up to 550lbs / 250kg tensile strength.

The origin of the paracord name is based on the words parachute and cord. Alternatively, the paracord550 then refers to its maximum tensile strength of 550lbs / 250kg.

The use of paracord is, among other things, as a survival tool for the construction of an improvised shelter, shoe laces, fixation of equipment, etc. Core strands can be successfully used, for example, instead of a fishing line, sewing threads, etc.

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Very durable and high quality parachute cord made ​​in the Czech republic. Reliable rope with lots of practical use is 4 mm thick and can bear up to 550 lb. 

Paracord is not intended as a standard climbing tool

Paracord is produced in series and therefore shades of each color can be different from each otherIf you need more paracord of the same color, order more cord at once.