Cordell Paracord Knife Askold Complete


Beautifully hand-crafted knife made of quality materials inspired by Viking blades. Thanks to its simple ergonomics, it is suitable for almost every hand size. Askold does not mind to work in or outdoors and will be a good companion during trips to the nature. The knife is treated with gun oil and comes with a leather pouch.

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We can supply a knife with a different color of the leather pouch and a paracord on request. Please note individual modifications of the knife and / or case can extend the delivery time.


  • Material: Steel 14260ČSN; paracord
  • Length: cca 240mm
  • Blade length: cca 130mm
  • Blade width: cca 33mm
  • Blade strength: 4mm
  • Weigth: cca 0,155Kg
  • Hardness: cca 56 HRC


  • Material: leather
  • Length: cca 270mm
  • Lifetime seam waranty!