Cordell paracord bracelet Terminus Tactical

Revolutionary survival bracelet TERMINUS offers a complete survival kit for extreme situations in the form of a paracord (up to 4 meters), buckle with emergency whistle and flint ''Firesteel'', a wire saw, fishing kit, 50 cm signal tape and a ''FireCord'' which is a cord with unique features, replacing natural tinder.
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Bracelet equipment:

1) Paracord; high quality made-in-CZ 7-strand paracord with lenght up to 4m

2) Buckle; plastic buckle with emergency whistle, magnesium fire-steel, knife

3) Wire saw; 70cm long useful tool

4) Fishing kit; fishing line and fly

5) Reflex tape; 50cm long emergency signal tool

6) Firecord; up to 30cm of tinder

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