Cordell Proud fireman limited edition paracord bracelet

The limited edition of this firefighter paracord bracelet was created in order to support the family of the tragically deceased Jan Odermatt. He lost his life in the line of duty. Prices of auctioned bracelets are shown in the attached picture. Thank you all!

Decent practical bracelet is woven from quality parachute cord with a width of 4 mm and a strength up to 250 kg. You can fix your gear with it, make a shoelaces or build an improvised shelter.


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Suitable amount of the price will be send to support the family of firefighter Jan Odermatt. He paid the ultimate price in the line of duty. RIP

Unweaving the bracelet gets you up to 3m long cord depending on the bracelet length. Width of the bracelet is about 2cm.

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Notice: We do not keep in stock all the color and pattern combinations of bracelets and pendants. No later than 48 hours from ordering will your goods be manufactured and following working day shipped to your address.